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Aircon Service

We are assured 100% your aircon problems will solve by our technician at low prices with workmanship warranty.

Aircon Servicing Company

Certified Aircon Service Company (UEN- 53415327E)

AIRCONPROS provides the best aircon installation and best aircon servicing through highly aircon specialists. This hottest living place must install the aircon and firmly maintain the aircon to increase aircon prolong. So we are more helpful to you for whatever you choose the aircon services like aircon Installation or aircon Servicing. Our team will always be waiting for you here to serve your aircon needs. Here is the aircon Installation for you – Our company supports all aircon Installation brands. So Generously may choose your favorite brand here. And we do aircon installation & services for HDB/BTO, Condo, Landed and Commercial place, etc.,

What we do?

Airconpros is one of the Best Air conditioner services providing companies for all type of aircon problems and we support all popular brands. We do aircon service for HDB Flats, Condo, Commercial units,  Residential, all over Singapore.

We offer services like

Aircon general service – we fully clean the airfilter and we makesure there will be no dust occur in your air-conditioner and we also clean water tray and fan blower too.
Aircon chemical wash – with our experienced Aircon team we clean air filter , fan coil and steam cleaning with chemicals so by servicing you can easily prevent bacterias and other issues for your aircon
Aircon chemical overhaul – Our aircon experts will split the Aircon parts then clean chemicals, it helps to prevent from future issues and give more life of compressor and fan motor.
Aircon steam cleaning – in this cleaning process, we clean the aircon filter and steam coils clean with Aircon chemical. so it helps to avoid bad smell and it kills all bacteria and fungus on steam.
Aircon repair and maintenance -We check and repair the cooling speed , wire connection , compressor performance, So if incase any flaws occurs in this our team will rectify it quickly.
Aircon gas topup – we check the gas pipeline ,gas level and we fill the gas if incase your aircon gas level is low. We do both R22 and R410 gastop for air conditioners

Get Aircon service with Professionals

Airconpros technician follow’s  all safety measures as per government guideline.

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Trusted Aircon Company

Airconpors is a certified Air conditioner service & installation trusted company in Singapore. Our company will provide the best privilege to each aircon servicing. Over the years, we have continuously improved the aircon servicing in Singapore. We give quality of AC service to our customer, Our quality of Aircon service is our identity. that’s why Airconpros by singapore peoples. We offered workmanship for every service. you can easily book an appointment through Live chat, WhatsApp, Direct call.

Good Workmanship

We provide the best warranty to each service as well as a yearly aircon servicing contract. Our engineers strongly follow up on your warranty schedules and quickly rectify your aircon issue.

No Hidden Charge

Our company does not provide any hidden charge apart from the stated aircon service cost. We are not a agent, Book an direct appointment with us.

Licensed Technician

AirconPros is a licensed and authorized to perform aircon installation, aircon service, and maintenance for residential and commercial units.

Fast and Reliable Aircon Services

We provide reliable aircon services are aircon installation and aircon service all over Singapore. Our engineers are more experts in air conditioner fields, So We do your aircon expectations very quickly as well. Customers express their happiness about our aircon services through our reviews. Aircon Pros still wait to give more reliable aircon services at a reasonable price. Our Fast aircon services are 


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