Aircon Repair & Maintanance service in singapore | Compressor, Fancoil
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Aircon repair

Common Aircon Problems

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Water leak around the air conditioner
  • Warm air
  • Noise problem
  • Unexpectedly fault the internal part
  • Frozen refrigerant
  • Bad odors¬†

Airconpros will help your residential place, Commercial place, etc. Our team quickly diagnoses your aircon issue and very shortly solves the issue. 

Aircon Repair

Airconpros offers a top-notch best aircon repair services across singapore for our clients.

  • Our technical experts are well qualified and has wealth of experience of aircon repair services .They can easily sort out the complicated issues too.
  • We check cooling speed , fan coil , air filter if incase any error occurs they will easily rectify it.
  • We also check compressor , air gas level , water leakage problem if any flaws in that they solve it completely.
  • With 1000+ satisfied customers we guarantee a high quality Aircon repair service work.
  • Airconpros will repair and maintenance your aircon for reasonable price.

Book Appointment for Aircon Repair

We also have a yearly contract so by booking a yearly contract our team will fully maintain your aircon we service it and give you a fresh cool air

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