aircon Steam-cleaning

Aircon steam cleaning

We offers a top-notch Aircon steam cleaning service for both home and commercial places for an affordable price.

  • Our technicians will clean the blower , cooling coil ,air filter and cover in aircon steam cleaning
  • They also will check the water tray of your aircon if they are any blockage in that they will rectify it
  • 30 days workmanship warranty available for this service
  • Our technicians has more experience in aircon industry so they easily handle the complicated issues too.

Advantage of Steam cleaning

  • Environmentally eco-friend
  • Cooling fast
  • No Foul smell 
  • No use of Harmful Chemical
  • Kill 99.9% of Bacteria

AC Chemical Overhaul Price

Unit’s Prices
1 unit $50
2 unit $100
3 unit $150
4 unit $200

What is aircon Steam cleaning service?

Aircon steam clean is an advanced technique that uses jets of high-pressured steam to expel dirt in clogged areas, steaming hard-to-reach crevices, and sterilizes surfaces. In this best service we hire our highly experienced engineers. Because experienced engineers professionally handle the complicated services. Our engineers are almost 25+ years experienced, So Our team is always here to rectify your aircon needs. 

How is the Steam Cleaning service done?
  • Remove the entire casing from indoor unit
  • Steam the cooling coil
  • Dust and dirt will be removed by water and brush
  • Steam the air filter
  • Reassembled the dismantle part
  • Finally operating the indoor unit 
Why to choose steam cleaning service with you?

We have an well experienced team to service your aircon properly for an flexible pricing.

Do you have an any warranty?

Yes , we have an 30 days workmanship warranty for an aircon steam cleaning service

Is I have to pay any other extra amount other than your mentioned amount?

No , you don’t have to pay any amount extra other than our mentioned amount.