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chemical overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

With our experienced professionals we do aircon chemical overhaul services for all brands in singapore for an affordable price for our customers.

Pros of aircon chemical overhaul services:

  • with our trained aircon experts we can easily do aircon overhaul services for your Air-conditioners for all type of brands.
  • We fully dismantle the air-conditioner parts and clean your parts with chemicals.
  • 90 days workmanship warranty also available for this service
  • our technicians test all your aircon parts after completing our services and reassemble it properly and check whether it is properly running.
  • we dismantle it and clean the cooling coil , water tray , blower with chemicals
  • We should do aircon chemical overhaul services for air-conditioner for every 6 months once.
price  details

$110 per fancoil for chemical overhaul.

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Frequently Ask Question?

We do aircon chemical overhaul services for an affordable rate with our experienced technicians

Yes we have an 90 days workmanship warranty.

Yes we dismantle it fully and clean with chemicals and reassemble it properly.

No , you don’t have to pay any additional amount other than the original mentioned amount.

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