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Are you looking for aircon servicing in Hougang? Is your aircon not cold? AC Leaking Water? Don’t simply spend your hard-earn money again. We can help you out! Our engineers are well professional in air conditioner service and repair. We never compromise on quality, even with our budget price. It is all about providing reliable services at affordable prices. Call us now!

About Hougang, Singapore

hougang is a planning area in the Central Region of Singapore. It is popular with Europeans who travel there frequently. You will be in the heart and soul of the city if you stay in this area. Even though it is higher than the sea level, you can still enjoy the beauty of Singapore’s rivers. The area is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and condos in Singapore. Air conditioning services are also very common here, due to its industrialization. A Ductless Air Conditioner is the most popular choice, especially for condominiums. However, businesses will often choose a Packaged Aircon because it offers more powerful air circulation. Since more than a decade, we have provided quality air-conditioner service to hougang residents. We offer maintenance, servicing, repairs and chemical wash at a competitive price.

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Our Aircon Service's

aircon general service

General Service

We will check the indoor and outdoor unit performance and clean the air filter, draine pipe, gas leakage checking, cover and front panel. proper aircon maintenance helps to increase your aircon performance.

chemical wash

Chemical Wash

in this chemical wash, We will clean the air filter and clean the indoor unit fan-coil using the chemical then wash with high-pressure water and also clean the water drain pipe. after the wash, it works like new aircon.

Aircon chemical overhaul

Chemical Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul service is a complete cleaning process. This process completely dismantles the indoor unit parts and then cleans with chemicals. get 90 days workmanship with this.


Steam Wash

if your aircon smells bad, your aircon fan coil and fan blower is more dirt. so you should clean the fan coil and fan blower using high-pressure steam water, after the service bacteria and fungus will be killed in this service.

aircon gas top-up

Aircon Gas Refill

when your aircon not cooling properly check your air conditioner gas level, if may the gas level is low. kindly refill the refrigerant gas (R32, R410A) with the help of aircon professionals. after the top-up check gas leakage if any.

aircon repair

Aircon Repair

We do aircon repair and troubleshoot and also replace the spare parts. We are 10 years+ experienced in the aircon industry,Singapore. our technician will solve all your aircon problems like water leakage, not turn-on, etc.

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Why is aircon not working properly?

when your aircon not working properly, kindly check the aircon with a professional. common aircon problem is not cooling, error code, automatic turn-off/turn-on

How to clean the air filter?

Are you regularly use the air conditioner 8 hrs/ per day. you should regularly clean the air filter monthly once. if not, you will not get clean air. clean with professionals.

4 Signs of aircon servicing? 

is your air conditioner needs to be serviced, these signs will happen: compressor motor makes the noise while running at temp low, aircon not cooling well, water leaking, unpleasant odor.

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