Aircon Chemical-wash

Aircon Chemical  Wash

Chemical Wash is a more thorough process in servicing an aircon unit. It removes the bad clogged parts, blockages, and overall unit by using chemicals. It helps increase your aircon lifespan, and you could sense the fresh air after doing the service. Chemical wash is a clean the cooling coil and air filter unit and these parts are soaked into the chemical solution. It performs the removal of removing the dirt, dust, Blockage, algae, Foul smell, Bacteria, etc. After clean will produce fresh, clean air without any troubles.

  • You should do aircon chemical wash service for your Aircon for every 6 months once so your aircon will be perfectly condition.
  • If you regularly service your aircon, your aircon will provide an fresh air everyday.
  • we clean the air filter , blower , fan coil , evaporator , water tray with chemicals so it easily prevent from any bacteria. 
  • By using our chemical wash you can also avoid some bad smells from your aircon.
  • we check the blower fan , drainage pipes , water tray if incase it has any problem we rectify it.
  • 90 days workmanship warranty available for Aircon chemical wash

AC Chemical wash Price

Unit’s Prices
1 unit $70
2 unit $120
3 unit $180
4 unit $240

What is aircon chemical service?

Aircon chemical wash is washing the aircon fan coil unit using a chemical agent. The interaction of Aircon compound wash incorporates the cleaning and checking of inner segments. Aircon chemical wash is first to remove the aircon cover and dismantle the systems to wash the aircon filter in water and chemical solutions. We have used a chemical-based cleaning service. This service is used to remove dirt, dust from the fan coil. Aircon chemical wash does not affect the air conditioner unit. So if your Aircon compressor stops working after an aircon chemical wash, it is likely that the electrical components in the condensing unit have malfunctioned simultaneously. Aircon chemical wash is increasing your aircon life. Aircon chemical wash increases the performance of aircon units.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is vital to ensure its longevity. Cleaning your aircon is a way to maintain it better, but sometimes general service may not be sufficient. So Airconpros will be helping you to prolong your aircon lifespan by using chemical wash. in chemical wash clean your indoor unit cooling coil and air-filter using the chemical, the chemical kill the bacteria’s and bad content after the service you aircon working like a new.

Advantage of Chemical wash:

  • Reduced frequency of breakdowns
  • Stop water leakage issue
  • Increase cooling speed
  • Less electricity bill
  • Avoid aircon repair
  • Highly efficiency
Why we need to choose your company to service my aircon?

Airconpros has well trained technicians so they easily service your aircon quickly.They also can handle higher risks problem too.

Is there any warranty available ?

Yes, for Aircon chemical wash service we have an 60 days workmanship warranty

My Aircon has some smell how to recover it ?

Don’t worry it may occur from evaporator coil so contact the best aircon service providing company

Is I have to pay any amount extra for servicing?

No you don’t have to pay any amount extra other than our original mentioned amount in our website