Aircon general service

Aircon General Service

Airconpros provides a best aircon general services for your aircon brands at an affordable cost. Aircon regular maintenance is must in hot and humid climate so service your aircon regularly will improve the performance of your aircon.

  • 3 months once should properly checking the aircon performance.
  • The general service helps to avoid the major issues .
  • After the service you get superior aircon flow.
  • we also properly clean the blower and the cooling coil
  • We offers a 30 day workmanship warranty for aircon general service for all brands.

General Service Price

Unit’s Prices
1 unit $30+transportation
2 unit $50
3 unit $75
4 unit $100

What is aircon general service?

Airconpros provide you the best general service to prevent the major problem in your aircon at a reasonable price. regular maintenance is more important to us. If you are neglecting the general service, you will face lot of troubles from your indoor unit. But many peoples does realize that general service is more important. We guarantee it can help you enjoy high aircon performance and save your money in the long run.

What Includes in General Service?
  • Check and clean the air filter
  • Fan blower clean by brushing or flushing
  • Remove the algae from the water tray
  • Inspection of aircon fan and cover
  • Check the gas level and airflow
Why we need to choose your company for servicing?

We have well experienced Aircon specialist who can easily service your aircon without any problem.

Is there any warranty available?

Yes we have an 30 days workmanship warranty for general servicing.

Is I have to pay extra amount for servicing?

No you don’t have to any additional amount other than our mentioned price.

How many months we have to service our aircon?

We need to do general service for our air-conditioner for every 3 months once, so by properly maintain our Aircon will give more life than usual.