Aircon Smell Badly

Air conditioner is one of the most appliances these days. However, the Aircon’s full optimal function is based on aircon servicing. When you skip the aircon maintenance, It causes stinks and the aircon to form full dirt, etc. A dirty aircon can lead to various infections and diseases. Nowadays one of the most common problems aircon stinks issue. So let’s find out why the aircon is producing a stinking smell and how to solve it.

Reasons why aircon smells Bad

If your aircon accumulates of dirt :

One of the common reasons that cause your aircon bad is the accumulation of dirt in your aircon such as coil, filter, etc. If your aircon starts to accumulate dirt, dust bacteria, etc. You should service on your aircon. If you avoid aircon servicing, It produces a stinky smell. The accumulation of dirt and dust will be the start of a bad smell in your aircon unit.

If Your aircon smell like Rotten Egg :

If your room smells of rotten eggs when you turn on the Aircon, It is most likely due to a dead insect or an animal stuck somewhere inside the Air Conditioner. Insects, rats, and even birds often get inside the Aircon. It may fail to get out of the way, they die and begin to decompose inside. It causes to occur the smell of the stink in your rooms. The dead animal inside the aircon can spread diseases, so when you notice this smell, don’t waste your time, Book the Airconpros aircon service company. Airconpros will rectify your issue very quickly.

If your Aircon smell like Gun Powder :

Does your aircon create a smell like gunpowder? The reason for this smell air conditioner circuit board and fan motor. It happens when automatically burns the indoor parts, Thus blowing the stench. To overcome this risk you should maintain your aircon by regular aircon servicing.

If your aircon Gas leak :

If you realize a gas smell from your aircon, It could mean that your aircon may be leaking refrigerant Gas. It will cause a Foul smell in your whole room. If you are sure that smell comes out from your aircon. You Immediately call a professional aircon service company, They will thoroughly check and prevent your aircon fro a major problem.

If your Aircon smell like Fungus :

Your air conditioners remove excess moisture from your home in addition to cooling it. When that moisture is unable to drain properly, mold grows easily in areas with remaining moisture. and dirty filters can give off the scent of fungi.

How to solve the aircon bad smell Issue?

As mentioned above, factors are in the aircon bad smell issue. Many different reasons are causing the bad odor smell in your aircon unit. The common reasons are such as gas leaks, accumulation of dirt, decomposed insects, etc.

To overcome this risk you should maintain your aircon through regular aircon servicing. Airconpros aircon service company provides the best professional aircon service for your aircon issue. When you realize the Stinks smell from your unit, Just call Airconpros, they will prevent your aircon from your aircon issue.



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