Aircon Service

When you turn on your aircon in the home it gives an unpleasant odor, there could be some issues in your aircon. They are different kinds of smell which comes for different types of problem in your aircon unit.

In this article, we’ll show you what are the types of smell comes from your aircon unit then we show you how to rectify it.

Aircon smells like stinky feet

When you switch on your unit you may notice the smell of dirty socks. This smell comes from the clogged pipes because they collect dirt from the water this dirt which causes the odor so do the aircon service properly to avoid this type of smell from your unit.

Aircon smells like vehicle exhaust

When we notice the smell of exhaust smoke in the aircon unit. This odor comes from the leakage of fluid in the whenever you notice the smell call the professional aircon servicing company in Singapore to rectify it.

Aircon smells like rotten eggs

When your aircon smells like rotten eggs there could be a serious problem because it could be the smell of leaking gas from your it causes serious issues and health problems. One more thing doesn’t turn on and operate your aircon while there is gas leakage in your call the service technician immediately to solve the problem. 

Aircon smells like gun powder

If your aircon smells like gun powder there could be a problem in a circuit board or fan motor. To rectify the issue to keep our aircon works properly ask help from a technician in an aircon service company in Singapore to fix the problem.

Aircon smell like mildew

It is a common problem in your aircon. If the unit emits bad odor probably there is a water clog in the drainpipe it causes moisture in your aircon .so do the proper aircon general service, chemical wash for your aircon for that contact the best aircon service company in Singapore.

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