An air conditioner is an important thing in home appliances. according to a recent survey
more people using air conditioners without proper maintenance. so we have to face problems from time to time as it is used without maintenance. Here some major air conditioner problems are fan problems, dirty condenser coils, water leaking, and frozen evaporator coils. Experts suggest yearly once aircon service it is better

Clean and maintenance

In this contagious situation, we also need to be clean and keep the objects around us clean. in case if we are not properly maintaining our aircon even small troops create problems inside components in the air conditioner. To be said frank the air conditioner will keep the fan running slow.

Capacitor Issue

The condenser has the power to store energy and send it to the air conditioning fans. If the capacitor malfunctions due to lack of proper maintenance it will stop fan flow.

Conductor Issue

The conductor is that controls the condenser and electrical switch and the common problem is that the conductor is not working properly over time. This issue will make the fan slow.

Broken Belt Issue

In old air conditioners are with belt powered fans. the belt will become loose or broken cause the fan to stop spinning properly. This can be changed but it is better to buy a new air conditioner.

Electricity Issue

Some air conditioner fan rotation slows down It might be a power issue. different parts of the air conditioner can overheat the circuit breaker so it forcing to shut down the air conditioner.


Finally, One of the significant things is whatever electrical items we use proper maintenance is a must. The general data is in the air conditioner every 3 or 6 months once aircon service is a must. In this case, our company provides you high-quality services at a low cost. our technicians can easily do aircon services for your Air-conditioners for all types of brands.

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