R410A aircon gas

R410a gas is a blended refrigerant that was developed to replace R22 in medium-temperature commercial and residential air conditioning. The main advantages of R410a are its zero ozone depletion potential, improved heat transfer properties, and thermodynamic characteristics which enable 30–40% higher energy efficiency compared to R22

‘R410A’ is chlorine-free (ozone-friendly) with zero ozone depletion potential, so it helps protect the ozone layer. ‘R410A’ has a non-global warming contribution because of its low GWP. ‘R410A’ currently has the lowest operating cost over other refrigerants. Can be used in existing HFC line sets, although copes better with larger diameter pipes.

R410 Gas Features

  1. Excellent refrigeration capacity and cooling effect 
  2. Low-pressure fluctuation 
  3. Narrow boiling range and liquid subcooling 
  4. Little influence of moisture 
  5. High efficiency, low energy consumption 
  6. High safety 
  7. No pollution

R32 aircon gas

R32 gas is the replacement for older R410A refrigerant. It has better technical performance, with a 25% reduction in GWP (Global Warming Potential) for the same amount of cooling produced. It also has an improved Energy Efficiency Rating, leading to lower power consumption and possible savings on your energy bills.

R32 gas is a single component HFC refrigerant that has zero GWP and zero ODP. Using R32 makes this model 4x more energy efficient than ACs using R407C, another type of refrigerant used in ACs. The indoor unit comes with a self-cleaning feature that automatically clears dirt build-up to ensure better cooling quality and hygiene is maintained, keeping it clean and dust-free at all times.

R32 has a global warming potential of 675 over a 100 year period. Much less than other refrigerants and contributes less to global warming. The GWP of R32 refrigerant is 67% lower than R410A which is likely to be the first replacement for R22 and R134A. R32 has a high thermodynamic efficiency making it an ideal option for use in residential and light commercial air conditioning systems.

R32 Gas Features

  1. R32 refrigerant is a single component refrigerant
  2. It has a low global warming potential of 675 so it isn’t as harmful to the environment as other gases used in air conditioning systems. 
  3. R32 Refrigerant also provides higher cooling efficiency compared to other gases such as R-410A,
  4. Using R32 may reduce your energy costs by up to 15%.


Having a reliable & efficient cooling technology with low GWP (Global Warming Potential), R32 gas is considered one of the best refrigerants available today. It reduces the use of electricity and saves energy consumption. As it is better than ever, don’t miss out and get this great deal now!

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