Aircon repair

If you installed aircon in your home you need to know these common aircon problems.
At first, you need to know what is the problem is in your aircon and you want to know how
to rectify it.

  • Here’s a glance at the most commonly recognized aircon issues:
  1. The aircon isn’t cooling–this is one of the most common problems faced by the
    people. Your aircon won’t blow cooling air if the dirt in the air filter blocks the
    airflow of your unit. It additionally freeze up the condenser unit and limit cooling of
    your aircon. changing the air filter every month will help your aircon to blow cooling
    air or you need more assistance call our technician to solve the problem.
  2. Aircon making unusual noises– An aircon makes different sounds on different types
    of problems. these are the different kinds of sound produce by our aircon.
    * if you hear clicking sound on turning on and off on your aircon, it might be a
    relay problem.
    * if you hear screeching noise, it might be a compressor or fan motor problem.
    * if you hear buzzing sound, it might be produced by faulty electrical components.
  3. Aircon is not turning on – when your aircon is not turn on check the circuit breaker. If
    the circuit breaker is tripped, your aircon won’t turn on. Reset the circuit breaker by
    flipping the switch off and afterward on. AC is still not turn on then contact our
    technician for more assistance.
  4. Aircon freezing up outdoor unit – you may notice your aircon outdoor unit freezing
    up at night after operating for a while. Due to these reasons like a stuck contractor,
    blower motor problem, low coolant levels, low outside temperature, etc.
  5. Aircon water leakage problem – it is also a common problem faced by most people it
    happens when aircon pipes are rusted, or clogs in the pipes, low coolant levels,
    improper installation or dirt, and debris in the air filter. These problems are not solved
    by on over self we need only a professional technician to solve this problem.

Don’t take the risk of performing repair and maintenance on your own, feel free to contact a
professional technician from Airconpros service for any help and guidance.

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