Daikin i-smile series features and specifications are very simple. As the air conditioner is the one used throughout the year instead of the heater in winter, you should consider some features related to your own requirement first before buying it.

The i-Smile series has some impressive features and specifications:

  • The iSmile series offers a new compact design that fits even in the smallest spaces.
  • Low noise levels that make the air conditioner easy to live with
  • A built-in stabilizer that protects the AC against voltage fluctuations between 150V to 280V
  • The inverter-driven compressor consumes much less electricity and helps you save more on your electricity bill compared to conventional air conditioners.
  • R32 is an advanced refrigerant gas that is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and does not damage the ozone layer or contribute to global warming
  • Power chill operation that cools the room faster even at 52 degree Celsius outdoor temperature
  • Bluefin condenser coils that are rust free and provide excellent heat exchange
  • The self-diagnostic feature that protects against refrigerant leakage and voltage fluctuations

The Daikin iSmile Series is a high-efficiency, inverter-driven split system heat pump that operates continuously at low speeds and can heat or cool a space more precisely.

Daikin’s iSmile Series has a 9,000 to 36,000 BTU/h capacity and can be installed in any home due to its compact design.The inverter-driven compressor adapts its rotation speed according to the heating or cooling demand, meaning the unit only uses the energy required to reach the desired temperature.  This reduces power consumption by up to 30% compared to non-inverter models.

The Daikin iSmile Series is available in both a wall mounted and ceiling cassette configuration.I-SMile Series, Daikin’s line of residential air conditioners, offers a variety of models to suit your needs and budget. No matter how big or small your room is, you’re sure to find a model that will fit – as it is available in both wall-mounted and floor standing types. Small and compact, the I-SMile Series is suitable for any home or commercial space.

Daikin’s I-SMile Series has all the features you need to get comfortable at home:

Econo Mode – It helps save energy by automatically adjusting operational settings.

Powerful Mode – It operates at high speed to quickly cool down or heat up an area.

Timer – It allows you to program your air conditioner with ease and convenience.

Sleep Mode – It slowly increases the room temperature after being activated for better sleep.

We have given you a brief overview of the key features and specifications of the new daikin i-smile series systems. It is designed for cooling limited spaces with the highest in energy efficiency and performance. For detailed information on this high quality, super-efficient new systems, Please Visit our site.


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