An aircon is a long-term investment for your home. You should look for an aircon brand that offers you the best quality, cost savings, and reliability.

There are many different brands of aircon systems in the market, but not all are created equal.

If you’re looking to buy a new aircon system for your home, check out these 5 best aircon brands you can trust.

Top 5 Selling Aircon models

  1. DaikiniSmile Series
  2. MitsubishiStarmex Series
  3. LG – Alpha Plus
  4. Midea – OS Series
  5. Panasonic – Aero Series ( nanoe-G technology )

Daikin – iSmile Series

Daikin is a Japanese aircon brand that has been operating for more than 90 years. With Daikin Aircon, you can be assured of its quality as it is one of the leading and most trusted brands in the market.

One of its popular models is the iSmile series. The Daikin iSmile series comes with a sleek design, making it suitable for residential use. It also has a 4-way air control function which directs air to all corners of the room, ensuring that there is no cold or hot spot.

The iSmile series also comes with an inverter compressor which helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills. Another feature of this series is its auto fan speed adjustment according to the temperature in the room. This will help you to save energy while ensuring that your home stays cool or warm at all times.


  1. High energy efficiency rating of up to 6 ticks
  2. Quiet operation at 19dB(A), allowing users to sleep soundly
  3. Powerful airflow that effectively cools down your room within 8 minutes
  4. Super Alleru Buster Filter that kills 99% of allergens like dust mites
  5. 4D Airflow Technology that provides you with greater comfort by controlling the horizontal and vertical movement of airflow precisely


Mitsubishi Starmex Series

Mitsubishi is one of the most trusted and popular aircon brand in Singapore. The Mitsubishi Electric Starmex series is their most affordable model. This 1-horsepower model can easily cool down an area of 16 square meters. 

Definitely one of the best aircon brands in Singapore, Mitsubishi’s Starmex series features an inverter compressor and a high-density plasma quad filter that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria.

Mitsubishi’s Starmex system is also known for its quiet operation, making it ideal for families who want to get a good night’s sleep without any distractions.


  1. Mitsubishi offers affordable pricing for aircon systems.
  2. Mitsubishi’s Eco Changes system gives you control of the room temperature.
  3. Mitsubishi aircon systems come with the efficient i-Save Mode.
  4. The Super Alleru-buster air filter can reduce the number of airborne irritants in the air.
  5. The Starmex Series has a 5-Ticks rating from the Energy Label.

Get an efficient Mitsubishi system that helps you save money on energy bills and lets you have better control over your home environment.

LG – Alpha Plus

LG has been an established brand in the aircon industry for years. Their technology is constantly evolving, and their latest solution is the Alpha Plus inverter system.

The most impressive feature of this system is the upgraded Gold Fin Condenser, which protects the air conditioner from corrosion and rusting. This means that it can last up to 24 years, making it a great investment for your home.

Its 4-way cooling distributes cold air evenly throughout your room, making LG’s Alpha Plus one of their most efficient systems. Its Smart Diagnosis also makes troubleshooting much easier.


  1. The LG Alpha Plus is one of the powerful engineering models in the market. It has a high energy efficiency rating of 3.1, which means it can cool your room faster with lesser energy used.
  2. The inverter technology is also another key feature to note as it helps to reduce               power consumption by 30% compared to non-inverter systems.
  3. Being a multi-inverter system, you can connect up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit. This means you can cool multiple rooms as one outdoor unit is sufficient for the entire system.
  4. As an added bonus, the Alpha Plus comes with an anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial filter that allows better air quality for your room.
  5. Alpha Plus has jet cooling technology, meaning that it can cool the room even faster in this tropical climate!

Midea – OS Series

Midea OS Series is the latest product release by Midea, It has a sleek, slim, and modern design that makes it the perfect aircon to enhance the overall aesthetic of your room or home.

Midea’s OS Series is available in a range of options, such as three-tick (S1) and five-tick (S2) variants for residential units, and an S4 variant for commercial units. The five-tick variant has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 2.63 for cooling and 3.26 for heating, which is significantly more efficient than most brands.

Compared to traditional aircon systems, Midea Air Conditioners come with lower start-up currents, which means they are more reliable and do not overload the electrical system in your home while running! This is especially useful if you have many electronic devices at home!

If you’re worried about Singapore’s hot weather during the hot season, don’t worry! There is a Super Turbo mode on the Midea OS Series that gives you super-fast cooling within minutes!


  1. High Energy Efficiency
  2. Low Operation Noise
  3. Wide Airflow
  4. Self-diagnosis System
  5. Fast Cooling, Powerful Fan
  6. Smart Control

Panasonic – Aero Series

The Panasonic aircon brand is well-known for its unique and high-quality products. The Aero Series by Panasonic is equipped with nanoe-G technology that produces hydroxyl radicals, which purifies the air by removing harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and allergens. This technology is ideal for people who are sensitive to dust and pollen.

Additionally, the nano-technology in this series reduces odours, bad smells, and unpleasant smoke in the air. It also improves your skin condition by reducing irritation from dryness or itchiness. The Aircon also provides cooling that goes deep into your skin and gives you a pleasant feeling.


  1. Powerful Cooling
  2. Energy Saving
  3. Nano Titanium Filter
  4. Quiet Operation
  5. Anti Rust Body

1 Year Warranty for Compressor & Parts & 10 Years Warranty for Compressor.

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