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An air-conditioner is a complicated machine. It actually has a lot of components that need to be checked and serviced regularly in order to keep it working efficiently. You may be able to do some of the maintenance work yourself, but you will still need professional help to see if everything is working properly.

When should you call a professional air-conditioner service provider?

The best time to call an air-con repair service is when you notice that your air-conditioner is not running as smoothly as it used to. Your aircon may become less efficient at cooling your house, or it may be making strange sounds.

These are the usual signs that something might be wrong with your unit, but you should also call a professional if you notice something unusual about your electrical bill. This can be an indication that your unit is no longer working as well as it should, so there’s no harm in getting it checked out by a professional.

Aircon Servicing Guide

Aircon servicing needs to be done annually to maintain the performance of the unit.

When your air-conditioner is well-maintained, it will run efficiently and last longer

Dripping water from indoor units is a common issue faced by most homeowners. This could be a sign that your filters require changing.

A well-maintained air-conditioner can save you up to 30% on electricity bills

Air-conditioner systems are made up of many components and each has its own specific lifespan. The only way to ensure that your aircon system remains in excellent condition is through regular maintenance and servicing.

The basic aircon servicing package includes cleaning the filters, fan coil unit, and drainage system, as well as checking the refrigerant gas level. If you have multiple units, do note that additional charges may apply if they need to be dismantled and reassembled during servicing.

Aircon Service Tips

1.Before servicing your aircon, switch off the main power supply first.

2.Do not use sharp objects to clean the air filter as it may damage the filter and cause water leakage.

3.Remove the front panel of your aircon unit before cleaning its internal parts and filters.

4.The air filter should be cleaned at least once a month to keep your aircon working at optimal efficiency, especially during the hot and humid months.

5.Use a vacuum cleaner or simply wash the filter with water to remove dust particles or debris. Different brands have different types of filters so check with the manufacturer if unsure how to remove or clean the filters.

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