Are you plan to rechange your aircon pipe or buy a new air conditioner? Aircon Piping Installation is always included in aircon Installation. Aircon pipes are faced with high pressure on a near-daily basis, and over time, can significantly be degraded due to the intense pressure. So we should choose to invest in a high-quality aircon piping system as it’s able to withstand and resist this pressure.

The professional aircon service company is used good materials for aircon Installation, It includes copper and water pipe, etc. Meanwhile, If you choose the poor quality of aircon pipe for aircon Installation, You may face aircon Leakage and other aircon issues. So when you decide to do the re-changing aircon pipe or New aircon Installation, You can choose professional technical experts because technical experts know about proper Installation mode and while aircon Pipe Installation they will use safety equipment as well. In this article, you could know more about the aircon piping Installation Guide.

Why aircon Piping is very Important ?

The air conditioner has an Indoor unit and an Outdoor unit. To connect these two, a copper pipe is used. Refrigerant is sent to the compressor in the outdoor unit to be compressed and led back to the indoor unit. If suppose the aircon piping is not properly installed, It occurs leakage issue and reduces the cooling mode as well. Such a problem is create by the poor quality of aircon piping or poor Installation. So you may avoid these such Improper issues By professional aircon service company.

Aircon Materials For Aircon Piping Installation :

  • Armaflex Insulation
  • Copper Pipe
  • Water Pipe
  • Cable and Electrical Wire
  • Aircon Trunking

These materials are used for aircon Piping Installation. All of these materials,  you may get at a professional aircon service company. The professional aircon service companies provide a quality of materials so that you may use the aircon for long years.

Aircon Piping Installation Guide :

Armaflex Insulation

It is advisable to use thicker Insulation for aircon installation at your place. The thicker the insulation, the more likely it is to absorb condensation from the
water pipes. The insulation is namely another called Upgrade material in Singapore. For Upgraded Material is used 1⁄2 inch Armaflex Insulation and 3/8 inch Armaflex Insulation. And you might have seen the term “ 1⁄2 inch Armaflex Class 1” or “1/2 inch Armaflex class 0”. The class refers to the fire-resistant property of this insulation. Honestly, it doesn’t make any difference to the quality of the materials for your Aircon installation. So it does not need you will need to pay much attention to.

Copper Pipe

If your aircon face a gas leak issue, you may need to change the entire
condensing unit or change your aircon piping. The Copper pipe have two models that “SWG22 copper pipe and G22 Copper pipe”. The G22 copper pipe is thicker, hence it is less likely to have a gas leak. This is because it is better able to withstand the pressure of the refrigerant.

Water Pipe

The water pipe is very important usage for aircon Installation. These water pipes used have no unique brands. Generally, the only 2 sizes used for HDB are 13mm/16mm. The better choice is, you may choose a bigger size of mm. Because It water will be better able to flow through it, without causing drainage issue.

Cable and Electrical Wire

Cable and Electrical wire are one of the importance of involving of aircon piping Installation. You may choose the Singapore Brand such as sigma wire or keystone wire. And you can use another one of 3C70. 3 core wire with 70
standards of wire in each cable is called 3C70.

Aircon Trunking

Aircon trunking is used to cover all the aircon Installation Materials. The brand or type of trunking does not matter. The type of trunking that will be used depends on which brand the Aircon installer is familiar with. Installation materials are concealed in landed and condo property so you will not see landed or condo property during aircon Installation. But aircon trunking is usually more visible in Flats.

I hope these above guides are more useful to you when you buy the new air conditioner or changing the aircon Pipe. and you do not skip this guide for aircon Pipe Installation. Airconpros is will provide all upgraded piping materials for Installation with the Singapore brand at a reasonable price. If you need aircon Installation at your place or If may need to change to existing aircon piping. you may hire here, we will help you with Experienced technical experts.

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