Singapore is a hot and moisture country. Here, air conditioners  using people rate increasing day to day. In that same way people using air-cons without proper maintenance. So sometimes they are facing some kind of aircon problems. Here, I will explain the 7 most common aircon maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Air-con On and Off :

                  Some people are not accustomed to using it on a standard scale so that they do on and off-air conditioners regularly. Thus the compressor exerts a kind of pressure. The compressor is more likely to malfunction for the day. so make sure you use the right amount of air conditioner for your room.

Using air-con in 24/7 :

                    Changing the filter of aircon is one of the important things in air-con. Mostly people using aircon all the time particularly 24/7. Without proper maintenance in that case Aircon Service the best solution.

Not using aircon Long Time :

                    Experts recommend not using aircon long time is one of the common causes. For example, if we not using the car for a long time the car engine will not start. Similarly, an air-conditioner is also the same method.

Unwanted Debris and Dirt :

                    The air-conditioner’s biggest enemy is dirt and debris. Because day by day we won’t clean it. Even small dust creates a big problem in the aircon.

Air conditioner Maintenance :

                     In the air conditioner, one of the common mistakes people doing every day is aircon maintenance. There air different kinds of services in the air conditioner. Like Aircon General Service and The Aircon Chemical Wash..etc. These services help to clean inner components and outdoor units too. If we do proper service we will get healthy and clean air.

Ceiling Fans Uses :

                    More than the most number of people not using ceiling fans. The ceiling fan is a significant thing in Every Home. Because it reduces the electricity bill and improves air quality.

Conclusion :

                    Finally, an Important thing is maintained for every aircon is a must. We need to service our aircon every 2 months once. In this, our Aircon pros will give high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

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