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Is your Aircon Compressor Noisy? Want to stop?


Aircon Compressor

Your aircon compressor is the part that is responsible for circulating refrigerant (the liquid/gas that cools your home’s aircon. Due to normal wear and tear, parts inside the compressor can become loose and create a loud banging sound as they rattle around inside the compressor’s other casing.

    To Reduce the Noise on My Aircon Compressor:

               A sound blanket will help keep the noise level of your aircon unit to a minimum. You can also have your contractor install a sound blanket around the aircon compressor. Today’s aircon’s are quieter than ever. High-efficiency aircon units incorporate sound dampening technology. So if you hear unusual sounds coming from your aircon don’t ignore them, as this could be a sign that the unit needs a repair or upgrade.

               Ignoring the uncomfortable noises from your aircon can turn Minor issues into major expenses for your aircon, as these noises could signal anything from needing a simple time up to costly repairs. The sooner you can determine the cause of the noise and resolve your aircon issues, the better. It’s not uncommon for aircon to make a variety of strange sounds. What’s important is the type of Sounds that your aircon is making, since each sound can indicate a different issue.

                For this reason, cleaning your aircon through is a great place to start when trying to decrease the amount of noise it makes. While cleaning your aircon blades will almost certainly lower the amount of noise, it may not completely eliminate it. Noise containment is usually is the next best step, this way you won’t lose sleep over a noisy aircon unit.

                 A little noise when your aircon starts is normal. An aircon is a large machine with a great many moving parts – there will always be some noise involved. After all, if it is dead silent is usually means the unit is off or completely useless. Further older units are more likely to make a louder noise than newer units that have the benefit of more modern designs for your aircon.

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