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Daikin Air Purifier

Keeps your home Clean & Healthy

  • HEPA Filter
  • Steamer Technology
  • 3D powerful Suction for faster air purification

Daikin Air purifiers : Daikin Air purifiers are using streamer technology with HEPA Filters so it easily purifies more air. Air purifiers are really effective in eliminating fungus or viruses. By getting fresh air we can easily not be affected by any disease. Air purifiers help us to reduce the air pollutants of our rooms . More polluted air can be easily eliminate for our rooms.

  • 3 directional suction have been used for faster air purification.
  • Electrostatic HEPA filters : Electrostatic HEPA filters are one of the effective methods for easy air purification.
  • Streamer technology :. Daikin Air purifiers are using the latest streamer technology for decomposition . So you can purify large amounts of dust particles.


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Singapore’s climate will largely be affected by air pollution in the coming years so we have to be  prepared for that kind of situation. So air purifiers will be an must needed one in every home. Airconpros is one of the leading Aircon service companies in Singapore , we are also now going to sell Air purifiers because it is a really essential one in Singapore mainly due to heavy air pollution.
  • Daikin Air purifiers are built with powerful design and performance .It also largely increased the quality of our indoor air.
  • Air dryness is largely eliminated in our air purifiers. You can buy any kind of model in the air purifier based on your room size.
  • Quick customer support : our team will quickly respond to your questions and book an appointment.
  • Warranty available : we are selling Daikin air purifiers with a 1 year warranty.
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