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Common reasons: Aircon doesn’t cool after servicing

Is your aircon not keeping your home and office cold, even after did an aircon servicing? Are you not getting the expected performance of your aircon? Most of the people did service by own, but It, not a professional method to clean the air conditioner. if you do this type of service continuously, in your air conditioner will happen major problems like; coil problems, water leakage and fan motor repair. when your air conditioner not working properly please call the nearby aircon service station. aircon professional will solve your problem without damage.

Why should hire an aircon expert for AC servicing?

There are many companies making aircon and most of these companies have launched hundreds of different model aircon in different capacities with a lot of different features. A trained aircon technician know to fix all type of problem in your aircon. Another important thing you need to realize is that every brand of aircon is different from each other. so you should hire an aircon expert for your aircon servicing.

before hiring an aircon expert should follow these things;

  1. Check their certification
  2. If their customer reviews are positive that’s better.
  3. should analyze their quality of service from their reviews.
  4. check the customer support availability
  5. the Last thing is price.

What is the common problem happens in air conditioner?

the main reason for the air conditioner problem, they are not following the service within time manner. if you keep doing service with the aircon experts you ac working along with duration.

  1. Water leakage problem
  2. Slow cooling
  3. Gas leaking
  4. Compressor problem

Reasons of Aircon water leakage?

when you set cooling high but fan speed is slow the water will leak from the indoor unit. else water will be leaking on pipe connection, the pipe has damaged you should seal using the super glue with proper guidance.

Reasons of Aircon slow cooling?

if your aircon cooling slow should check the gas level. if it’s drain you cannot get proper cooling. should topping the gas with the help of a nearby AC technican.

How to stop Aircon gas leaking?

your air conditioner leak the gas, contact a nearby aircon service company. they seal the gas leak point then refill the gas R32 or R410. Then your aircon cooling properly. Check Gas topup price here

how to solve the aircon Compressor problem?

the outdoor unit is the main thing of your cooling system. when your compressor motor repairs reason is; motor belt may not connect properly else the condenser is dirty.
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