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How to find reliable commercial aircon servicing companies?

Finding the right aircon company to install an air conditioner system in your home is no easy task. Not only does your air conditioning unit need to work effectively all year round but it also represents a considerable investment for your home. This is why it is essential to find a trusted air-conditioning company to do the installation service, maintenance, and repairs when necessary.

1. Experience:

Before you hire an aircon company to work for you, it is a good idea to do some homework on the type of experience the company has. By hiring an aircon company that has been in the business for over 5 years, such as Art Plumbing, air conditioner & Electric, you can be sure that you will receive professional and reliable workmanship.

2. Legal Compliance

This is perhaps the most important point to consider when hiring a company to do any aircon installation, repairs, or maintenance. Never hire an aircon company that is not licensed and insured. By hiring an aircon company that is both licensed and insured, you are guaranteed to receive work of the highest standard.

3. Past reviews:

One of the best ways to find out about the quality of aircon service you can expect is to read past reviews from previous customers. A good aircon company will be happy to give you a list of references for their previous work and they should be more than happy to let you read testimonials and reviews online.

Here are some other simple signs that show you’re dealing with a good aircon company:

  1. They can provide proof of their license, insurance, and certification on request
  2. They offer a written contract and promise that their work will be of an excellent standard by providing a warranty.
  3. They can provide you with references and past reviews from previous customers
  4. They promise to leave the workspace clean and tidy, as though no one was even there.

If you are looking to tick all the above boxes, then look no further. Art Plumbing, air conditioner & Electric is fully licensed and insured for air conditioning, installation, and maintenance.

Airconpros is Licensed & Experienced Air conditioning Company in Singapore.

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